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Company profile

Europoles Middle East LLC was launched in 2006 as a joint venture of Europoles GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) and RAY International LLC (Oman).

In 2008 Europoles Middle East LLC opened the first factory for pre-stressed spun concrete poles in the GCC region. With a capacity of 40,000 poles per year and a range from 5m to 40m length, Europoles Middle East LLC supplies the full range of pre-stressed spun concrete poles for the distribution and transmission of electricity, for the electrification of railways, floodlighting, street lighting, advertising and telecommunication.

We are distinguished by our experience and expertise acquired over many  years of pole construction, our excellent technical problem-solving capabilities and our background in managing complex projects in close consultation with our customers and partners.

The success of Europoles Middle East LLC is attributed to career advancement for the employees, the upkeep of high quality standards and the utilization of locally provided resources.

Europoles Middle East LLC has its head office in Muscat and the factory in Nizwa, Industrial Area, Sultanate of Oman.

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Our Factory

Where technology takes place

Spun concrete technology

For the processing of concrete, we focus on tried and tested spun concrete technology. The pre-stressed concrete is pressed against the wall of the longitudinally rotating steel mould with 20-fold gravitational acceleration and densely compacted. 

This process results in a product that is extremely robust.

  • highest strength
  • highest durability
  • highest quality

By their tremendous load-bearing capacity with concrete qualities up to C140, spun concrete poles are available in very slender diameters. To meet individual preferences, all rotationally symmetrical cross-sections are feasible (round, oval, angular, polygonal). 

The spinning process results in a cavity through the centre of the column. This well protected cavity can be used to house power cables and disposal conduits. A wide range of colours and structures means that the smooth, non-porous surface of the columns can be given an attractive finish.

Durable and cost effective

Spun concrete poles are not just extremely resistant to vandalism and the effects of fire; they also withstand extreme vibrations and aggressive environmental influences such as frost or salty sea air. Together with the non-scratch, impact-resistant surface, this stability ensures a long service life without maintenance requirements, resulting in significant cost savings in the long term.

Convincing ecological footprint

Spun concrete poles are fully recyclable. Thanks to the production process, design features and low maintenance requirements they have an outstanding energy and ecological footprint.

Flow and vibrated concrete construction method

As well as the spun concrete process, we are also able to produce concrete parts using the flow and vibrated concrete methods if required.

Certifications / Approvals

  • Certificate ISO 9001:2015
  • Certificate ISO 14001:2015
  • Certificate of Conformity CE EN 12843:2004
  • PDO approved


A small excerpt of our portfolio

33kV SC/DC

Our range of conventional pole systems for low and medium voltages comprises all types of poles in the necessary lengths and horizontal design loads. This means that we can offer all the combinations usually available on the market from single to double-circuit lines. Accordingly, we can offer carrier poles, dead-end towers, branch pylons, terminal poles and poles for transformer stations quickly and easily.

132kV SC/DC

EUROPOLES with the vast experience of its engineering and production teams, is able to design and produce pre-stressed spun concrete poles for the overhead transmission lines. Concrete poles solutions offer compact design of OHL resulting small footprint and narrow corridors


Pre-stressed spun concrete poles for Telecommunication are widely used in Europe. The local production in Oman allows Europoles to offer and deliver state of the art monopoles structures locally and to the GCC market.


We offer gigantic advertising towers and solutions for impressive way of attracting attention. Our advertising poles substantially increase your recognition and attract business, because they can be seen from more than a kilometre away. There's no easier or quicker way to appeal to potential customers. Thanks to our slender pre-stressed spun concrete structures, attention is drawn to the advertising and not the supporting structure.


We are your partner for every special and standard solution


We are able to provide solutions for challenges like Wadi or Road Crossings with long span lengths, usage of high loaded special conductors, special attachments like switches or auto re-closer.

Transformer on pole

In the case of special requirements, the highly experienced EUROPOLES Engineering Team designs poles and structures for individual solutions based on customer requirements.

Road crossing

Always in focus is the techno-commercial feasibility and optimization of the overall line. The outcome is a complete line solution with the best price performance ratio to fulfil the customers’ needs.

Direct mounted insulators

Europoles provide solutions with direct mounting insulators, making it the ideal arrangement for double circuits and for requirements of narrow corridors.

Sandy & Coastal Areas

With no corrosion and high resistance against chemical, environmental and climatic effects, pre-stressed spun concrete poles are the ideal solution for sandy and coastal areas.

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